Why do you charge a $39 minimum


We have a minimum per line item that is ordered due to the fact that we print on large rolls of media which require long leaders.  Thus, for these "small" line items ordered, it is not viable financially to do these without a minimum charge.



We have a few different completion time choices that range from 4 days to same day. The due date means the order will ship or be available for pickup by the end of that day.
As you shorten the time frame, an additional cost is displayed. To help us on same day orders, they should be submited before 3:00 pm central.    Thanks!

What file types do we prefer?


Most applications can now save out as or export to PDFs. PDFs have become the standard for printing workflows. The advantages are --
1) Fonts are embedded by default.
2) Problems that an application might create will be visible in the PDF, so it is important to closely check the pdf once the application creates it to catch issues.
3) If you have a calibrated workflow, profiles can be embedded.
4) Unlike many, we have an Adobe licensed workflow, so you can be confident the contents of the pdf will print exactly as you see it.
5) Most applications now have a default PDF setting that says something along the lines of 'high quality printing'. This is generally the safe choice.
6) Feel free to vary default settings to preserve spot colors. Spot colors keep color definitions precise, and can alleviate the issue of monitors displaying colors differently.



We accept either. RGB source images start with wider color gamuts and so more saturated colors are possible when printed. The downside is that certain colors can be extremely vivid on screen, but be outside the printed gamut, and so what you see is not within reach of even high-gamut inks. CMYK files are more safe. What you see is more representative of what you will get in print.

Do we require bleed ?


We do not ask for bleed on anything. This being said, it does help us to have bleed on orders for flat or rigid substrates. This allows our automated cutter to cut through an edge rather than having to stop and start exactly on a corner.

What resolution is best ?


This is somewhat dependent on the size of the graphic being printed. If less than a few feet, then 300 dpi is best with 200dpi being almost identical. As the size of the printed graphic grows, then you enter an area where to view or 'take in' the entire print you cannot be close to it. Because of this, 150 is considered pristine for large graphics, with the reality being most files we print originate from much smaller files.

One extreme - 10 dpi on a billboard is perfectly fine given the viewing distance.

Content: Water, clouds, grassy fields, etc. can print perfectly well with small files as there are few small details. Small street names on a map, spokes in a tire, etc. would require larger files to avoid pixilation.

Are there volume discounts ?


Yes. As the dollar amount of the item being added to the cart rises, higher discounts are calculated and displayed.

What foam board are we using ?


We have replaced foam core and Gatorboard with Infinity board. This solves a large problem - warping due to changes in humidity. Gator is much better than foam core, but not perfect. Both have a styrene foam core. Foam core has a paper based outside liner. Gator has a wood pulp based liner. Both absorb moisture and can warp when the humidity rises. Warping happens when the front, back, and foam center absorb moisture at different rates.
Infinity does not warp because it has a styrene foam center and a styrene exterior.    Neither absorb moisture.

What is our return policy ?


Our policy is to make sure every customer is satisfied with our products and services. If we have not produced a printed piece satisfactorily with the files and instructions provided to us, then please return the product. Once we receive it, we will issue a full refund.

If you would like something reprinted that is because of your error, we will reprint at a 25% discount off the original price.

What is our privacy policy ?


Our privacy policy can be viewed here :

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