Wall-Covering – self adhesive

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Outstanding color, easy to apply

Laminating the wall covering with a matte laminate is highly recommended to prolong the fade resistance, improve the durability, and reduce any glare from light sources.  Lamination is included on our site as an option.

Installation of the wall covering is easier than using paste as it comes with a removeable liner so it can be applied with a plastic squeegee.  This product can be repositioned one or two times if needed.  To do this, you need to remove an inch or two of the top of the liner you are putting up and gently tack it in place until it is exactly where you want it.   Then pull off  about 12″ of the liner and squeegee that section.  Continue this procedure though out the installation.

Normally, it is a good idea to size your strips a couple of inches longer than is needed to allow for possibility that the wall is not precisely square.